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reel endstands

ENDSTANDS for Reel-In-A-Box Packaging:

Reel Options® ENDSTANDS for Reel-in-a-box packaging are ideal for product requiring increased protection.  These endstands fit on select Reel Options® reels and are designed to be packaged inside a boxed encloser, which allows the product to be de-spooled in a stationary position without the need for multiple technicians.  Our flanges are engineered for superior product protection with the end user in mind.  No more splinters or loose tee nuts to frustrate you or your end customers.  Our endstands feature the same stacking features as our STAPLED and DEAD~BOLT® flanges, providing secured palleted endstands during transit, reducing potential damage while shipping.

  • Allows product to be de-spooled in a stationary position without a hanging rod
  • Available with our without the EZ~BRAKE™ System for adjustable payout tension
  • Reduces product "free spooling" and tangling due to backlash
  • Increases on-site efficiency by utilizing a single technician to de-spool product
  • Custom designed to fit select sizes of STAPLED, DEAD~BOLT®, and SPIN~WELD reels
  • Integrated handles for easy transport with or without enclosed packaging
  • Integrated product tie-off tabs for use without enclosed packaging
  • New LABOR~SAVER reel ships pre-assembled with Endstands locked in position

Quick Ship Reels

Stapled Reel
Spinweld Reel
3~Flange Reels and spools
Endstands for empty cable reels
ENDSTAND for Boxed Reel
Plywood Reel
(limited availability)
Dispensing Tube
Reel-less Packaging
(Payout Tubes)
Reel Options Product Catalog

In addition to these great products, we have a full R&D and engineering team that can custom design a product to fit customer requirements.

Thank you for your interest in Reel Options® by Vandor Corporation. We manufacture millions of
reels and KD flanges per year. No matter the application we have the Reel Options for you.

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